Folding Backpack

Folding Backpack

DIY portable workstation

What does it mean “being a freelancer” today?

Being a freelancer means specific characteristics in the definition of working activities in our contemporary culture. The rise of technology, the communication related needs and all those elements brought by the global context has deeply changed the way we practice our own jobs. Coworking spaces, internet cafés and free wi-fi areas around the city becomes the new paradigm for the contemporary office that has no specific walls or boundaries.

I decided to create a simple tool that could be easily realized inside of any Fablab in order to spread DIY abilities and instigate a new perception of what can be done with digital fabrication tools.
This object somehow represent the very essence of our global culture since the project can be shared, downloaded, customized and realized by the end user wherever in the world without no licence expenses.

The project is easily realizable since the Laser-cutted felt can be shaped according to specific needs and transformed in a useful tool for the contemporary freelancer.

This project was conceived with the aim to be shared according to principles of the OpenSource community so it is free for download and open for any modification.


The freelancer has become a contemporary guerrilla and needs specific tools in order to face his daily challenges.

The workshop

Open design @ Fablab Torino

Besides the project realized for the course of “Designing for cultural groups” at the Swinburne University of Technology; I also experimented and tested the realization of this project during a workshop organized at Fablab Torino.

Users were invited to join our team, test their DIY abilities in order to make and customize their own Folding backpack. By the end of the workshop every participant had his own chance to test fablab machineries and test with materials combinations.


The folding backpack is an open source project, download the design and make your own!

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