Who’s garda?

Who's garda?


I am a design anthropologist with a former education in industrial and graphic design developed at the Politecnico di Torino, Italy and Swinburne University of Technology in Melbourne, Australia.

My expertise is in design research upon communities; experience developed within contexts of Arduino and Fablab Torino. I am passionate about visual communication, media strategy, and both physical and digital products manufacturing.

I am obsessed with concept representation and a tireless iphonographer. Currently I work as Designer at Arduino. I am also responsible for the communication and media production at Fablab Torino.

Here is my resumé.

They say about me…

a lot of rumors

Giulia Liverani, Product Designer
Fabrizio always demonstrated an outstanding organization ability, good communication skills and an incredible sense of commitment. Thanks to his positive attitude, his curiosity and dedication, I know for sure, he always accomplished whatever task he has been assigned; Also under pressure he know how to be an excellent leader, getting the best from the team, and from himself.

Francesca Rovarotti, Eco Designer & Researcher
The quality I most appreciate in Fabrizio is his sense of commitment he is accurate in his work in both form and content. He is also a really curious person and he pursues his researches first of all for personal interest, outside the line of work. In that way he’s always informed and he’s able to constantly manage different topics.

Cristina Mauri, Arduino Global Event Manager
Fabrizio has excellent interpersonal and communication skills, he’s able to work independently but also as part of our diverse (in terms of age, gender and background) team. He’s always courteous with our colleagues, partners and clients and he’s able to create a very positive work environment in the office.

Stefano Paradiso, Fablab Torino Former coordinator

As former coordinator at Fablab Torino, I would really support Fabrizio’s candidature for any position into the design research field. As community manager he is really talent and eager to creatively push the community to be part of local events and to spread the knowledge across the people that daily lives our spaces. From the early beginning of our collaboration he proved a positive attitude for new challenges and an outstanding interest for social dynamics. It is right after his Anthropological studies that we started working actively into the definition of our cultural group and it is thanks to his studies and abilities that we effectively created a great community around our cultural association. 

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